Vote to Save Minis From Archive at CBT!

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Vote to Save Minis From Archive at CBT!

Post by GRUD »

As I said over at LotB, I hadn't seen any mention of it here, so I thought I'd post about it, though I guess I should have about 2 weeks ago. :oops: As the Subject states, there's a Poll over at The Official Site, in the IWM Section, where you can vote from a list of 13 minis, and the 7 with the most votes will be spared from the Archives. I've got the latest (or nearly so) figures below, for those of you wondering what's "On The Chopping Block", as it were. I voted on the Jagermech, and I'm Happy to see it's one of those in the lead. 8) Anyway, I've got the info below, as well as the link to the thread there. Go! Vote!! You've got until May 26th!!

The Falconer, Guillotine, and Jagermech all have strong leads, but it's not looking good for the Anvil, Emperor, or Ostsol 6D! :shock:

Vote to save Mini's from 2013 Archive ... 418.0.html

Mini - Votes - Vote Percentage
Falconer - 20 - (13.5%)
Annihilator - 9 - (6.1%)
Guillotine - 22 - (14.9%)
Flea - 13 - (8.8%)
Talon - 8 - (5.4%)
Spector - 12 - (8.1%)
Bloodkite - 11 - (7.4%)
Jagermech - 20 - (13.5%)
Emperor - 6 - (4.1%)
Anvil - 3 - (2%)
No-Dachi - 10 - (6.8%)
Ostsol 6D - 6 - (4.1%)
Shootist - 8 - (5.4%)
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