IWM 2015 Convention Specials

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IWM 2015 Convention Specials

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Its time to announce what the 2015 Limited Edition and Convention Specials are. We will add to this list through out the convention season. They will be available at Origins, Historicon, and GenCon if you can make it. Some of them will be on the webstore a few months after GenCon.

Limited Edition Mech is the Mortis MS-1A, picture will come as soon as we have them but it is currently being finished to make Origins.
Mortis MS-1A (Jumper) $20.00
Mortis MS-1A (Standing) $15.00

Con Specials NEW
CE-008 Exterminator EXT-4C Null Signature Variant Price coming soon(Made out of Clear Resin, Very limited number) Limited Number will be at Historicon
3145 Republic of the Sphere Lance Pack $49.95 (Lament LMT-4RC, Mad Cat MkII 5, Doloire D, and Malice MAL-XT) GenCon Release
BT-352 Doloire B $14.95 GenCon Release
BT-353 Mad Cat MkII 4 $16.75 GenCon Release
BT-347 Revenant UBM-2R3 $10.25 GenCon Release

See images in the Con Special Preview Gallery or in the below posts. Note the images for some of the con specials are of the converted master, so there are a few differences in the final production models. As soon as I have production minis assembled I will post them if there is time before GenCon.

Convention Specials
All 20 LAM's will be at the show for sale individually, SKU and Prices are below
SKU Name Price
BT-323 Shadow Hawk LAM SHD-X2 (Mech) $13.50
BT-324 Shadow Hawk LAM SHD-X2 (Fighter) $12.50
BT-325 Stinger LAM MkI STG-A1 (Mech) $9.50
BT-326 Stinger LAM MkI STG-A1 (AirMech) $9.00
BT-327 Stinger LAM MkI STG-A1 (Fighter) $8.50
BT-328 Wasp LAM MkI WSP-100 (Mech) $9.50
BT-329 Wasp LAM MkI WSP-100 (AirMech) $9.00
BT-330 Wasp LAM MkI WSP-100 (Fighter) $8.50
BT-331 Phoenix Hawk LAM MkI PHX-HK1 (Mech) $13.5
BT-332 Phoenix Hawk LAM MkI PHX-HK1 (AirMech) $13.00
BT-333 Phoenix Hawk LAM MkI PHX-HK1 (Fighter) $12.50
BT-334 Pwwka S-PW-1LAM (Mech) $9.50
BT-335 Pwwka S-PW-1LAM (AirMech) $9.00
BT-336 Pwwka S-PW-1LAM (Fighter) $8.50
BT-337 Yurei S-YR-1LAM (Mech) $11.50
BT-338 Yurei S-YR-1LAM (AirMech) $11.00
BT-339 Yurei S-YR-1LAM (Fighter) $10.50
BT-340 Waneta S-WN-2LAM (Mech) $13.50
BT-341 Waneta S-WN-2LAM (AirMech) $13.00
BT-342 Waneta S-WN-2LAM (Fighter) $12.50
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