Wyvern X

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Wyvern X

Post by Dart Omega » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:06 am

Just something fun, I know it's bare bones information but my math should be right.

This might show up in the story sometime down the line, not to sure.

Anyways enjoy :)
Wyvern X
Mass 45 tons
I.S. (4.5 tons)
Cockpit (3 tons)
Gyro (3 tons)
Engine 180 (7 tons)
Heat Sinks: 12(2 Tons)
J4 (2 Tons)
1 LT
1 RT
1 LL
1 RL
Armor 136 - 8.5 tons
H 3/9
CT 14/17
LT/RT 11/14
Rear LT/RT 5
LA/RA 7/12
LL/RL 11/20

16 tons free weight

WVE - X1

1 Lg Laser (RA)
2 SRM 4s (RT)
2 Tons SRM ammo (RT)
2 LRM 5s (LT)
1 ton LRM ammo (LT)

The X1 is a redesign of the original Wyvern Mech which removes the Small Lasers to free up a ton for the twin SRM 4's ammo.

While replacing the larger LRM with twin LRM 5s after moving them to the Left Torso removes the heat issues that the larger one was having.

Along with these changes the missile systems also comes with an auto clearing system that clears jammed missiles.

Astrotech note:
Many warriors have been requesting a clean swap by adding an extra ton of SRM ammunition by removing the extra ammo from the LRM bin

Astrotech note 2:
Auto clean my ass, the damn system keeps jamming to the point that we had to remove the whole damn thing, it's easier to just have the pilot jump up and down to unjam the system.

WVE - X2

1 PPC (RA)
1 SRM 4 (RT)
1 Ton SRM 4 ammo (RT)
1 LRM 5 (LT)
1 Ton LRM ammo (LT)
3 Med Laser (LA)
The X2 comes with a Thunder whip PPC instead of the Large Laser backed by a single LRM and SRM packs followed up with a Trio of Med Lasers to help round out the weapons package.

Astrotech note:
The damned power feed from the PPC burns out if the pilot keeps overriding the auto shut down of the engine causing more work for us.

WVE - X3
1 AC 10 (RA)
2 Ton AC Ammo (RA)
1 Med Laser (LT)
1 Med Laser (RT)
The X3 is the most ammo dependent of them all as it gets everything on a medium bore Auto Cannon with two tons of ammo and backed up with twin Medium Lasers.

Though the coolest running of all the X variants it is also the quickest to run dry forcing it to stay close to the supply line.

Astrotech note:
The ammo bin for the AC 10 is a bit to close to the weapon itself and had to move it back a bit.