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Redesigning the old Thug to fit its pilot this Thug is the ride of the Blue Swords Mercenary Commander himself. He excels at close combat and well known for his brutality up close against any enemy that enters his cross hairs. Thus it was given four Blue Flame Jump Jets a name given to them as they release a blue hue due to LED lights mounted in the Jump Jet ports, a Royal Class A Extended Particle Projections Cannon that when fired has a hellish color to it, twin Merlin medium Lasers, and two Arthur class Medium Pulse Lasers.

Using his PPC the Commander forces to keep the enemy warriors to stay behind cover, however once in hand to hand range as that is where the true battle takes place as the Hatchet is normally the killing blow to any enemy who is within range.


The Ride to the planet was bumpy but with the aid of the Deforest Kelly Aerospace fighter carrier they had managed to make it planet side with only minor damage to the Kirk Class Dropship which dropped him and his team into the middle of the fighting before moving on to release the rest of the unit.

Dispatching the already scattering of the Blakest forces due to the Dropship letting lose a hail of Missiles, Auto Cannon fire, and Gauss rounds was quick and easy. Once the last was dealt with they moved onto the city where the heavier fighting was taking place as at the heart of it laid an important factory that Belonged to the FOIS and where resources was produced and shipped off to allies fighting against the WOB in this sector.

His troops all elites who had fought against the clans and heavy fighting against other houses, mercenaries, and pirates was battle hardened and as tough as they come had split up to fight on their own and also hoping to minimize damage to the city and try to protect the population as well.

“Lenard what’s the status of the Blue Shield forces?” The commander asked.

“They are down a lance of mediums, though no deaths yet just a bunch of very angry warriors.” He replied.

“Any Free APCs in the area?” The commander asked.

“Three, however two are engaging an enemy Wasp.” Diane muttered.

“Want us to break from the plan to help them?” Valery asked.

“No, stay with the plan.” The Commander said and before they could protest The enemy Wasp vanished from radar as a trio of Trilobites had shown up and leveled their PPCs at the enemy and let lose a hellish light as the air crackled and the air smelled like ozone as the whip of manmade lighting dug out the rear torso of the Wasp and devoured the engine within like hungry Locusts.

The Wasp dropped with smoke and molten armor and structure dripping out of its wounds and where the engine once was a gaping hole that was still smoking and liquid still oozing out like blood.

The APCs then met up with the warriors and sped off towards the Merchantman Drop ship that had just touched down and held a lance of brand new KCG2-X King Crabs and configured for City combat.

The commander didn’t wait to see them go as he had an invasion to stop and had moved on until they reached four paths and spilt up. The Commander taking the west and moved onto his objectives while the other three moved onto their own. That would meet up at the factory which was at the end of their journey.

The commander watched as Lenard’s Omni War Hammer head on out followed by Diane as she moved on he seen the last of her KGC2-XC vanish behind some buildings as he turned the corner, last was Valarie who was heading off in her own direction in her Stone Rhino.

It was his turn and walked off at almost a jogging pace as he had seen a Trilobite II being chased and was clearly having trouble trying to shake the enemy mech.

Known for its speed The commander knew he could never catch it the normal way so instead he did what any sensible warrior would do when he seen an ally in need, he started to go through walls or jumping over buildings until he was just one building over where he seen they was trapped and the enemy tried to pick the tank up.

He went through the wall and sending a shower of debris over the enemy mongoose and covered by the dust cloud his blade came down and cutting the arms at the elbows clean off sending the tank back down.

He moved quickly and put his PPC right in front of the cockpit and the last thing the pilot saw was the hellish light of the PPC and them everything went red just as the pilot’s last thoughts was that he failed and his body was gone as it was vaporized as the blast tore through the cockpit and blowing a large hole into the back.

Once the mech was on the ground the commander kicked it once more knocking it out of the way of the hole he made.

Igniting his Jets he leaped over the building and out of sight. Though his radio picked up some of their conversation.

“What the hell was that thing?” someone from the tank asked which was followed by “That would be the CO of the Blue Swords my friend.”

Without a word he moved on to only be stopped by a Hitman which was clearly a spotter for a Arty strike which would never come as he fired a salvo of medium Lasers destroying the TAG which then attempted to leap off when the commander grabbed it’s left horn and slammed it into a building.

He then forced the enemy mech against the wall of the building and brought his hatchet down and cutting the head off of the mech which he then placed on a jagged pillar with its wires hanging out from underneath it.

Moving on he came across a Spider which was flying over his mech but too low as it was not expecting him. Grabbing it’s leg he flung it into the building and brought his hatchet down again and cut the mech’s head in two killing the warrior within.

He though his luck was too good to last when he came across a lance of heavy mechs which turned their Auto cannons, Lasers, & missiles on him.

“Well damn..” The commander said and leaped into the air just as a wave of missiles came at him. Only six made impact and sending small amounts of armor off his legs. Twisting he landed behind a Legacy which he unloaded everything he had followed by his hatchet which severed its left torso mounted gun sending it to the ground.

The heat in his cockpit was getting bad but if he slowed down or allowed his mech to shut down due to overheating he would die. He slapped the override many times and his machine started to glow as his mech grew hotter.

No longer able to take the stress the engine went off line own its own to prevent any further damage and ports opened up allowing the heat to dissipate quickly.

Looking up from his cockpit window he figured he was a dead man but refused to close his eyes as he stared at the enemy with a death glare.

The enemy pointed its weapons down at his cockpit yet the attack never came as he seen a large shadow fly over head and then land with a thunderous sound and a large single shell came flying past him and into the enemy mech’s torso and blasting two tons of armor to the ground soon followed by a swarm of twenty Short Missiles into the hole made by the mech killer large bore assault cannon.

Stunned by the Crab the enemy didn’t move for a few moments but long enough for his system to come back on line.

“Took you long enough.” The commander said.

“Sorry boss, had a group of lights trying to play with me and had to put them in a time out.” Diana said as she helped him up.

However recovering from their shock they turned to face them and the commander smiled. “Ready to dance?” The commander had asked.

“Always.” She replied as they stood back to back.

The fighting seemed to last forever though it was only a few minutes as the enemy was trying to withdraw after their commander was killed when a Trilobite II rammed it, killing the warrior and most of the crew within the tank.

The sun was slowly going down as the fighting was over The commander helped to free the tank from the enemy it was fused with and frowned as the entire crew was thought to be dead until one of his infantry men clad in an old Inner sphere Battle Armor called out, “WE found someone alive!” the woman yelled as she and others slowly cut free the last one with in the tank.

Later on the Doctors told him that she would live, however she would never walk again.

The Commander finely docked his mech and climbed out, he needed a shower and then he had to start paperwork.. oh he hated that part of the job…..

Code: Select all

               BattleMech Technical Readout


Type/Model:    Thug THG-DX

Tech:          Inner Sphere / 3070

Config:        Biped BattleMech

Rules:         Level 2, Standard design


Mass:          80 tons

Chassis:       Standard

Power Plant:   320 Pitban Fusion

Walking Speed: 43.2 km/h

Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h

Jump Jets:     4 Standard Jump Jets

Jump Capacity: 120 meters

Armor Type:    Ferro-Fibrous 


  1 ER PPC 

  2 ER Medium Lasers

  2 Medium Pulse Lasers

Manufacturer:  (Unknown)

  Location:    (Unknown)

Communications System:  (Unknown)

Targeting & Tracking System:  (Unknown)



Type/Model:    Thug THG-DX

Mass:          80 tons


Equipment:                                 Crits    Mass

Int. Struct.:  122 pts Standard              0      8.00

Engine:        320                  6     22.50

   Walking MP:   4

   Running MP:   6

   Jumping MP:   4

Heat Sinks:     12 Double [24]               0      2.00

Gyro:                                        4      4.00

Cockpit, Life Supt.:                         5      3.00

Actuators: L: Sh+UA+LA+H    R: Sh+UA+LA+H   16       .00

Armor Factor:  242 pts Ferro-Fibrous        14     13.50

 (Armor Crit Loc: 5 LA, 2 RA, 1 LT, 6 RT)


                          Internal    Armor

                          Structure   Value

   Head:                      3          9      

   Center Torso:             25         37      

   Center Torso (Rear):                 12      

   L/R Side Torso:           17      26/26      

   L/R Side Torso (Rear):              8/8      

   L/R Arm:                  13      26/26      

   L/R Leg:                  17      32/32      


Weapons and Equipment    Loc  Heat  Ammo   Crits    Mass


1 ER PPC                 LA     15           3      7.00

1 ER Medium Laser        RT      5           1      1.00

1 ER Medium Laser        LT      5           1      1.00

2 Medium Pulse Lasers    CT      8           2      4.00

1 Targeting Computer     LT                  4      4.00

1 Hatchet                RH                  6      6.00

4 Standard Jump Jets:                        4      4.00

 (Jump Jet Loc: 2 LT, 2 RT)


TOTALS:                         33          66     80.00

Crits & Tons Left:                          12       .00


Calculated Factors:

Total Cost:        8,729,041 C-Bills

Battle Value:      1,575

Cost per BV:       5,542.25

Weapon Value:      1,894 / 1,894 (Ratio = 1.20 / 1.20)

Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 24;  MRDmg = 12;  LRDmg = 6

BattleForce2:      MP: 4J,  Armor/Structure: 6/6

                   Damage PB/M/L: 5/3/1,  Overheat: 2

                   Class: MA;  Point Value: 16