What is the best battletech video game?

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Post by Flaco »

The way they did upgrades was actually ok, but when you over heat all you do is not be able to fire...Bleh
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Post by BeoWolf »

I'd say MW4 Mercanaries and MechCommander 2. A shame they stopped creating the games. Just think how nice it would be if one was created combining the gameplay of Warhammer 40K and Project Genesis, were you can have space naval battles as well as go down to a planet and conquer it.
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Post by GrimReaper1202 »

Landshark Ward wrote:Hmm, that is a hard call. I have played MechWarrior 2, 3, 4, and Mercs, all of the MechCommander games, a wonderful online BTech strategy/empire building game called Neveron (linkage http://www.neveron.com) and of course Tesla Pods at D&B.
I guess the answer to Xero's question is what do you like?
The strategy of Neveron, MechCommander and MechCommander 2?
Or the fast paced action of the MechWarrior games and the pods?
Personally, the pods own the rest tho... :twisted:
I play Neveron as well :D .... Out of the games on game systems I liked Mc2 and MW4 the best

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Steve Ronin
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Post by Steve Ronin »

Ought to call this the "Resurrection" thread...
opened in 2003,
reopened in 2009,
and again nowin 2010.

Hey reaper, I thought you're supposed to KILL things??? :lol:


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Post by will_scarlet »

MegaMek is cool, but too difficult to get it to work properly and not what the modern world calls 'user friendly'. I used to love the old Cyberstorm, but I can't find my old CDs and there's no way in hell it'd run on a modern laptop.

Hopefully one day someone will buy MegaMek and make a real proper game out of it. Until then we'll beed to make do with what's banged together by the fans.

Grumpy Mcfart
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and another resurrection:

I think a lot of people don't give the mechassault games enough credit for one thing: they got more people into the battletech universe (and if you need proof, well, here I am)

I wouldn't have the slightest idea about this whole wonderful universe without MA2